Cradle Cap 101 - 4 Steps to Swoon Worthy Skin

Cradle Cap 101 - 4 Steps to Swoon Worthy Skin


I think everyone would agree that babies soft and flawless skin is simply Swoon-worthy.

Their skin just glows! But it doesn’t always start out like that.

Babies, especially newborns, don’t always have plump, picture perfect skin.

Common newborn skin conditions are something you’ve probably heard about, but the first time you noticed yellow, scaly skin on your baby’s scalp, your mommy brain most likely panicked!

The truth is, cradle cap is a very common skin condition and although it looks bad, it’s not.

Here are somethings to know, that will ease your worried mind:

* Cradle cap doesn’t cause babies any discomfort, despite how it looks
* Cradle cap is caused by a overproduction of oil glands on your baby’s scalp
* Cradle cap is not contagious
* Cradle cap is not an indication of poor hygiene
* Cradle cap resolves on its own with a few weeks or months

In other words, you haven’t done anything to cause it and your baby will be just fine.


Now with that being said, here are a 4 easy steps to ease the symptoms of cradle cap while it runs its course: 

Washing and brushing your baby’s hair more often can help losses and remove the scales.

Be sure to use an infant shampoo with natural ingredients like our Nourishing Baby Shampoo and Body Wash

Shampooing ever 2-3 days is a good routine, while combating cradle cap.

You do not want to over wash.

That can increase oil production and prolong the problem.

Also, don’t get overly aggressive when massaging or brushing.

A gentle touch works best and ensures you don’t inflame them problem areas.

Rub a few drops a natural oil like our Nourishing Baby Hair and Body Oil on the scalp, which can help to ease the dryness and toughness of the scales.

If you do use oils and/or ointments, you should still wash and gently brush baby’s scalp, ( every 2 to 3 days)

That is the easiest way to keep the scales from building up.

Since cradle cap causes excess dryness, adding a cool mist humidifier in the nursery can help add more moisture into the air.

And last, take a deep breath and breathe!

This is not the end of the world and one day, this whole cradle cap faze with be a memory.

So pat yourself on the back mommy and know, this too shall passheart

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